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Manchester Beat - Friday Brown

This archive includes all of the earlier surviving work of Friday Brown. It exists purely as a historical record without any judgement being made regarding artistic or technical quality.

The sixties was a tumultuous period, both in terms of social upheaval and creativity, not least in the world of music, where many from the great and once-industrial northern cities of Liverpool and Manchester brought about a revolution. Amongst their number was Friday Brown, an accomplished singer-songwriter and musician, who came up from her humble roots in the outskirts of Manchester to become a household name in the north of England. Friday recorded seven singles, '32nd Love Affair' later being associated with 'Northern Soul', as well as an LP entitled 'Friday Brown'. She appeared at numerous venues across Britain and Europe, and starred in many radio and television shows, including 'The Two Ronnies'. Her original work, much of which was written along with her sister Barbara, was often emotive and narrative in form, frequently revolving around 'blues' and 'black music', as well as earlier and contemporary styles. Although her later career was directed towards a 'cabaret' style, this doesn’t distract from her body of work.

BBC Radio Merseyside Jingles, 1968

BBC Radio Manchester Launch Jingle, 1970

'Bill Maynard' show, July 1973 (poor quality)

Soundtrack from BBC1 'Reflections' TV show of 1972, with The Fivepenny Piece and the NDO (poor quality)

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