The Grundig Tapes

Friday Brown's family were fortunate enough in the sixties, and rather lucky, to own a tape recorder, in this instance a Grundig TK20.The first recording that appears here was a 'jam session' with Friday's sister Babara, who worked with her in composing several of her songs. The two sisters would bounce ideas between each other, gradually building the tune and lyrics into an effective piece. Most of the songs reflect the lives of two girls living in the explosive era of the sixties.The remaining recordings were acquired in the traditional manner of the time, by placing a microphone in front of the radio, in these instances from live transmissions of 'Saturday Club', a regular light music programme from the BBC, hosted by Brian Matthew. Friday appeared on the show four times: on 15th January and 20th August 1966, on 19th August 1967 and 24th February 1968. Unfortunately, the sixties weren't too kind to posterity and these poor-quality recordings are all that remain of what must have once been quite impressive productions.

1. Jam Session (with Barbara)

2. Careless Love (Trad, obscure)

3. Getting Nowhere (Gouldman)

4. Plaiser d'Amour (Trad, Martini)

5. Before you Accuse Me (Ellas McDaniel)

The following transcription tracks from the internet are of better quality and appear to have been recorded on 12th December, 1966:

6. Careless Love (higher quality) (Trad, obscure)

7. Interview with Brian Matthew, followed by Getting Nowhere (Gouldman)

8. Before you Accuse Me (higher quality) (Ellas McDaniel)

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