The Last Lost Tapes

The sundry recordings included here are performed by Friday Brown and other artists, some unknown, and possibly created at Manchester's famous Strawberry studios. The first five numbers were recorded in the early days, including college, and show the exuberance of youth at the time, with rock music often inspired by black culture and the blues.

1. Hit the Road Jack (1)

2. Dream of Me

3 It Ain't Necessarily So

4. Un-named Song

5. Hit the Road Jack (2)

6. And We Dance
(Friday Brown)

7. And We Dance
[backing track]

8. Love Is
(Friday Brown)

The following un-named piano piece is the 'top line' of a song performed by Friday at an Eastern European song festival:

On a tape labelled
'Friday Brown c/o BH...'

whist this recording, although it doesn't have any connection with Friday Brown, was recorded at around the same time:

One Way Love

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