After Friday

At the end of her formal career Friday Brown continued singing, sometimes in connection with Christian groups. As with her earliest work, the subject matter revolved around human and spiritual relationships.The very poor sound quality of 'The Dream', written by Lee Evans, with music and performance by Friday Brown, almosts adds to its apocalyptic atmosphere. Its emotional intensity and narrative quality echoes that of Friday Brown's earlier work.

The Song 'What a Life' (or 'Worra Life') wasn’t created or recorded by Friday Brown, but is included here simply because it comes from the same period. Also written by Lee Evans and performed by the group 'Hole in the Pocket', it reflects the situation faced by those who, as victims of misguided postwar social engineering, were extracted from the close-knit communities of Liverpool and relocated in the remote and austere 'new town' of Skelemersdale, which, at almost the same time, lost its railway service at the hands of the infamous Dr Beeching.

1. Pentecost

2. Being Wrong

3. Children Are People

4. Christmas Project

5. I Am the Sea

6. I Am the Sea (Sail Away)

7. Dream (Lyrics: Lee Evans)

'What a Life' by 'Hole in the Pocket' (Lyrics: Lee Evans)

DREAM (Lyrics by Lee Evans)

I closed my eyes
And I began to dream,
In skies of blue
White clouds streaked in between.
And when I found
I could no longer stare
I dropped my head
And saw my feet were bare.

I walked upon
The sweet fields of green.
I was in heaven,
Not just a dream.

And then the earth
Began to tremble.
My thoughts, like wind
Just blew astray.
The end of time,
For all mankind had come.
My body fell,
So I could pray.

My bones were shaking,
I was filled with fear,
I heard the sound
Of running waters near.
Just grabbed the earth
And tried to crawl away
My fingers dark,
The moving earth and clay

And then the earth...

Then found a cave,
No good for hiding,
There stood a boy,
Knee-deep in tears
He handed me
This pen and paper.
He was our future,
Without years.

And then the earth...

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