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1960 Scenery in Sound
1965 Electronic Sounds and Music
1966 Radiophonics
1969 BBC Radiophonic Music Review
1973 The Space Between
1979 Music Ex Machina
1979 The New Sound of Music
1980 Sounds Peculiar
1981 Radiophonic Workshop
1982 A History of Electronic Music, Part 5
1984 The Sound House
1985 Auntie's Playroom
1987 The Computer and the Sound House
1989 MIDI Futures at the BBC
1992 Radiophonic Workshop: Making CDs Write
2001 Pink Floyd at the Workshop in 1967
2001 Resounding Echoes
2001 Album Review 1
2001 Album Review 2
2001 Wee have also Sound Houses
2002 BBC Radiophonic Music Review
2002 Radiophonic Ladies
2003 Concrete Mixers
2004 Special Sound
2006 Mark Ayres Interview
2006 The History of the Radiophonic Workshop
2006 Unit Delta Plus
2007 BBC Radiophonic Workshop
2007 Multicolortone Organ Quote
2007 Recent Reissues of British Electronic Music from 1955-1996
2008 Radiophonic Workshop at 50
2008 Four Sound Effects that made TV History
2008 From The Quietus
2008 Say It: Samuel Beckett
2008 Sorcerers of Sound
2008 The New Atlantis
2008 The Story of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop
2009 Radiophonic Workshop at Roundhouse, NW1
2010 Bradford Event
2010 The BBC Radiophonic Workshop
2011 Back to the Future: The Continuing Legacy
2011 Pioneers of Sound
2012 Oramics To Electronica
2012 Selected Radiophonic Works on Radio 4 Extra
2012 The Closure of The BBC Radiophonic Workshop
2013 Between Two Worlds
2013 BFI's Doctor Who at 50
2013 Delia and the Doctor
2013 Why Doctor Who is at the Cutting Edge
2013 Radiophonic Workshop: The Shadowy Pioneers
2013 Shoreditch Electric Light Station
2013 Radiophonic Workshop Staff
2013 That Doctor Who Sound: Part 1
2013 That Doctor Who Sound: Part 2
2013 Tomorrow's World
2017 10 Questions for the Radiophonic Workshop's Paddy Kingsland
2017 Dancing in the Waves
2017 Discographic Workshop Part 1
2017 Discographic Workshop Part 2A
2017 Discographic Workshop Part 2B
2017 Time Lords
2018 Discographic Workshop Part 2C
2018 Discographic Workshop Part 3A
2018 How the BBC Radiophonic Workshop Helped Pioneer Electronic Music


John Baker 1997 Obituary
2008 Biography
Desmond Briscoe 2006 Obituary 1
2007 Obituary 2
2012 Biography
2012 Narrow Boats
Delia Derbyshire 1970 Morse Code Musician
1999 Delia Interview
2001 Obituary by Brian Hodsgon
2004 Variations on the Dr Who Theme
2005 Obituary 1
2005 Obituary 2
2006 Delia Tracks
2008 Attic Tapes 1
2008 Attic Tapes 2
2008 Attic Tapes 3
2008 Breege Brennan's Thesis
2008 Delia Derbyshire
2008 In Praise of
2008 Legacy Restored
2009 Ada Lovelace Day
2009 An Audiological Chronology
2010 The Music of Mathematics
2012 About Delia
2012 Delia Dopesheets
2015 Sound and Music
Maddalena Fagandini   2013 Maddalena Fagandini
Brian Hodgson 2013 WheelMeOut
Peter Howell 2013 Peter Howell and John Ferdinando
2013 Peter Howell's Works 1973 - 1998
Paddy Kingsland 2014 Back from the Fourth Dimension
Roger Limb 1979 Wavy Workshop
2014 A Very Long Shadow
Dick Mills 2006 Dick Mills Profile
2009 TSV Interview
2014 Music of the Spheres
Daphne Oram 1960 Atlantis Anew
2003 Obituary 1
2003 Obituary 2
2003 Tribute to a Pioneer
2008 Daphne Oram
2009 Daphne Oram Collection
2009 From the Daphne Oram Collection
2009 Daphne Oram's Optical Synthesizer
2009 Unsung Pioneer of Techno
2013 Daphne Oram and Oramics
Elizabeth Parker 2001 Flexible Working


1962 Equipment List
1964 B&K Electro Acoustic Measurements
1971 EMS Synthi 100 Specification
1977 EMS Synthi 100 Data Sheet
1985 Synthesiser List
1992 Digital Equipment at the Workshop
2008 Philips EL-3503 Tape Recorder
2008 Reflectograph Tape Recorders
2009 The Longden Music Desk
2010 Studio D, Lime Grove
2014 BBC SYPHER 2 Suite


Tristram Cary 2003 Radio, TV, Films and Concert Works
2008 Obituary
2010 Beginning Electronic Music
2010 Biography
Tim Souster   1981 Electronic Music Composer
1985 The Isle is Full of Noises
David Vorhaus   1981 Kaleidophon Studio
1986 History of the Future - Kaleidophon Studios
Edward Williams   2007 Oral History
2009 Life on Earth
2009 Release of Life on Earth Soundtrack
Peter Zinovieff   2013 Interview - Peter Zinovieff


1913 The Art of Noises
1995 Documentary and the Coming of Sound
1996 Radiophonic Ontologies and the Avantgarde
2004 The Audio-Visual Rhythms of Modernity
2008 A Chronology of Electronic and Computer Music

Ray White was born in Shoreham, West Sussex, England in 1952. He graduated in electrical and electronic engineering at Portsmouth Polytechnic in 1973, having gained experience at Radon Industrial Electronics, Worthing, Sussex (small-scale production of domestic audio equipment), the Admiralty Surface Weapons Establishment (MoD), Cosham, Hants (a wide range of activities, including fitting a prototype electronics card into a buoy from a rubber boat floating off the Isle of Mull) and George Kingsbury Ltd., Gosport, Hants (drawing office, oily machines and logic).

He joined the British Broadcasting Corporation as a maintenance engineer in 1973. Six years later, he became Senior Engineer at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, where he planned the installation and maintenance of six electronic music studios, all eventually equipped with Apple Macintosh computers. He left the BBC in 1993 and now enjoys an independent lifestyle. In 2006 he edited CAMRA's CalderCask Real Ale Guide and was involved in Cock & Bull Stories , a stage presentation of real-life stories about men and masculinity.

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