An Engineering Perspective

'The trouble with the future is that you never fully know about it until you've passed it.'
- Roger Limb
'Beautifully written by ex-BBC engineer Ray White, this is a technical history of the Workshop. For techies only, but essential if you’ve ever wondered what a wobbulator is!'
- BBC WebGuide

1. Overview

2. Early Days 1957-1965

3. Voltage Control 1965-1975

4. Changes 1975-1980

5. Reawakening 1980-1983

6. Syncwriter 1983-1986

7. New Wave 1986-1988

8. Magic Roundabout 1987-1988

9. Vertical Interval 1986-1992

10. Second Round 1988-1990

11. Intermission 1989-1990

12. Sonic Solution 1990-1992

13. Funny Business 1990-1993

14. Latter Days 1992-1996

15. Additional Information

Musique Concrète



Dedicated to Dave Young, one of the most talented, self-effacing and good-humoured engineers ever to pass through the portals of the BBC.

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