Human Interaction

All human interaction operates on three levels, physical, emotional and spiritual. However, these elements aren’t as separate or simple as we might like to think; they’re deeply intertwined within each of us, so as to create that unified yet contradictory, complex and wonderful creature that we know as a human being. This means that a ‘physical’ act, such as touching a woman’s lips, can evoke a response in her on any or all of these levels.

The strongest interactive force is that of intent: love, which brings another closer, or hate, which pushes them away. ‘Love and hate are brothers’ it’s said, with some relationships beginning with mutual dislike and most having elements of both. Despite our idea of ‘perfect love’, a little hate remains, if only to prevent us from being totally subsumed.

If either individual in a relationship becomes increasingly hateful then that partnership is almost certain to fail, but if either or both of those involved move towards love than a closer bond may develop and the relationship has a good chance of being sustained.

The other important interactive force is that of the exchange of power, the desire to control or to consent to control, the validity of which can only be determined by intent. Taking control of another person, in the context of love and with their loving consent, can be mutually rewarding. However, the exchange of power in an atmosphere of hate is potentially damaging, especially if you become the victim of a ‘control freak’.

The actual thing or act connected with an exchange of power is almost irrelevant, with the possible exception of something that gives special pleasures to one or both of those involved. A loving intent and the willingness of both participants is far more important. No act can ever be considered unacceptable, subject to the constraints of law, if it’s done with loving intent on both sides. There’s no need to analyse further; it’s love, pure and simple.

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