Poems 5

You may freely copy these poems and use them in electronic or printed publications, but only with the express condition that the line showing my copyright is always included.


A golden sun rising

And the sound of a thousand birds fills the air.

Squawking, screeching, chirruping, they awaken the day.

But do not be deceived into thinking of swifts wheeling,

For all such creatures are long dead.

Their sounds now emanate only from boxes on lamp-posts,

Their sweet voices




©Ray White 2009


Sparkling eyes, deeply loving;

Your kind smile, understanding,

Fearless, rejoicing in giving.

Take my gifts for our true living.

Your soft warm body, endless caresses,

A secret world that both of us blesses.

Kneel precious one, my cherished love:

I give you all, from that one step above.

Dearest, will you wait for me;

To be entirely, forever, mine?

Your sweet loving heart to be

My ultimate treasure, divine?

©Ray White 2009


I only touch lightly on the lives of others, as I only expect them to touch lightly on me. In the end, we are alone, each a master of a little ship floating across the vast sea of the universe, and even our control of our own boat is doubtful. We are in the hands of destiny.

©Ray White 2009


What do I believe in? I believe in everything and in nothing. I question nothing and accept all that is. I believe the universe is infinitely complex, with an endless power to create and destroy, and that I, being a mere fragment of that universe, have within myself the elements of infinite goodness and terrible evil. Only the universe can judge me, for I am myself moving ever closer towards oneness with all things.

©Ray White 2009