Poems 3

You may freely copy these poems and use them in electronic or printed publications, but only with the express condition that the line showing my copyright is always included.


From dust they say we come

And to dust we shall return.

But for an instant,

This speck of dust

Burns brighter

Than any supernova.

For an instant we are God

And then we are gone.

©Ray White 2006


They’re all around us,

If we could but see:

The ones who came before us

And those that are yet to be

They hover about us,

To guide us, help us:

These souls who know eternity

And what will always be.

©Ray White 2006


Once, aeons ago, my Mistress and I were one, complete, entire.

But the universe divided, dark from light, moon from sun.

So we passed countless lives on numberless worlds, apart.

But in this place, this special time, she finds me again.

And punishes my separation, crushing my life in her fingers,

Letting it fall and splinter on stones like a smashed vase

And she stamps on the shards with her heels, breaking them

Without mercy, pitiless, she crushes and destroys me

And yet I love her still.

©Ray White 2006


Clouds rolling on heaven’s blue,

A world in turmoil looks for you.

But all they see is that sweet sky

Revealing all there is for you and I.

©Ray White 2006


The sun, once bright and warm, flickers, goes out,

To leave a chill wind of death and darkness.

But in black matter between dying stars

There lives a greater warmth and another light.

In a cold and alien universe

Strange but comforting arms do hold me tight.

©Ray White 2006


The dance, the music, on and on,

Shadowy figures, a flickering fire,

Endless ritual, invented, repeated,

Movements, sounds of distant worlds.

©Ray White 2006


At what point do I give up

Loving the abused, the hurt, the damaged,

The lost, the dispossessed

Whose destiny the park bench, loneliness?

At what point do I give up

Sacrificing my happiness for you,

Burning my love on the altar of your life,

Suffering your abuse in my heart?

At what point do I give up

My hope of having, loving you.

Of making one life with you,

And giving happiness to you?

©Ray White 2006


Stare into space and what do I see?

Spaces between planets, atoms, eternity

Stare into space and what do I see?

Space, the clear light of eternity

©Ray White 2006


Luring me to places forbidden

Dark eyed she tempts me

Revealing the night in me hidden

And a world that is free.

©Ray White 2006


We all have our own path,

Shared perhaps for a while

But then parted.

Alone again we tread.

Awash with tears

We trudge the years.

But amidst our pain

Some joy we gain.

©Ray White 2006


I can’t like you, only love you,

You can’t love me, only like me.

So our hearts can never meet

Nor be entirely separate.

©Ray White 2006


In raw need for life

From swamp we staggered.

In an alien world

Climbing over rocks jagged.

And so we lived.

Clinging tightly together

In this strange new place,

Our families created

The one human race

And so we grew.

But now cocooned

By machines of our making,

To nature now aliens

Our lives for the taking.

And so we failed.

Evolved beyond limit,

Our enemies were right.

Without the machines

We gave up the fight.

And so we died.

©Ray White 2006