Literary Collection 1



Ant and the Grasshopper, The

Ass and the Lapdog, The

Ass in the Lion's Skin, The

Ass's Brains, The

Avaricious and Envious

Bald Man and the Fly, The

Bat, the Birds, and the Beasts, The

Belling the Cat

Belly and the Members, The

Buffoon and the Countryman, The

Bundle of Sticks, The

Cat-Maiden, The

Crow and the Pitcher, The

Dog and the Shadow, The

Dog and the Wolf, The

Dog in the Manger, The

Eagle and the Arrow, The

Fisher and the Little Fish, The

Fisher, The

Four Oxen and the Lion, The

Fox and the Cat, The

Fox and the Crow, The

Fox and the Goat, The

Fox and the Grapes, The

Fox and the Lion, The

Fox and the Mask, The

Fox and the Mosquitoes, The

Fox and the Stork, The

Fox Without a Tail, The

Fox, the Cock, and the Dog, The

Frog and the Ox, The

Frogs Desiring a King, The

Goose With the Golden Eggs, The

Hare and the Tortoise, The

Hare With Many Friends, The

Hares and the Frogs, The

Hart and the Hunter, The

Hart in the Ox-Stall, The

Hercules and the Waggoner

Horse and the Ass, The

Horse, Hunter, and Stag, The

Jay and the Peacock, The

Labourer and the Nightingale, The

Lion and the Mouse, The

Lion and the Statue, The

Lion in Love, The

Lion's Share, The

Lion, the Fox, and the Beasts, The

Man and His Two Wives, The

Man and the Satyr, The

Man and the Serpent, The

Man and the Wood, The

Man and the Wooden God, The

Man, the Boy, and the Donkey, The

Milkmaid and Her Pail, The

Miser and His Gold, The

Mountains in Labour, The

Nurse and the Wolf, The

Old Man and Death, The

Old Woman and the Wine-Jar, The

One-Eyed Doe, The

Peacock and Juno, The

Serpent and the File, The

Shepherd's Boy, The

Sick Lion, The

Swallow and the Other Birds, The

Tortoise and the Birds, The

Town Mouse and the Country Mouse, The

Tree and the Reed, The

Trumpeter Taken Prisoner, The

Two Crabs, The

Two Fellows and the Bear, The

Two Pots, The

Wind and the Sun, The

Wolf and the Crane, The

Wolf and the Kid, The

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, The

Woodman and the Serpent, The

Young Thief and His Mother, The

Allingham, William

Aeolian Harp

Fairies, The

Lovely Mary Donnelly

Pale Image, The

To the Nightingales

Winding Banks of Erne, The

Arnold, Matthew


Dover Beach

East London

Forsaken Merman, The

Future, The

Growing Old


Last Word, The

Pagan World, The



Scholar Gypsy, The


Song of Empedocles, The

Voice, The

Wish, A

Austen, Jane


Mansfield Park

Northanger Abbey


Pride and Prejudice

Sense and Sensibility

Bacon, Francis

World's a Bubble, The

Barbauld, Anna Laetitia

Life! I Know Not What Thou Art

Ode to Spring

To a Lady, With Some Painted Flowers

To the Lark


Barnefield, Richard

If Music and Sweet Poetry Agree

Man's Life is not well Compar'd to a Feast

My Flocks Feed Not

Nightingale, The (Barnefield)

Barnes, William

Broken Heart, The

Surprise, The


Woak Hill

Zummer an' Winter

Baum, L Frank

Marvelous Land of Oz, The

Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The

Beardsley, Aubrey

Ballad of a Barber, The

Three Musicians, The

Beaumont, Frances

On the Tombs in Westminster Abbey

Beddoes, Thomas Lovell


Old Ghost, The

Phantom-Wooer, The

Resurrection Song

Rosy Hour, The

Song on the Water

Song, from Torrismond

Wolfram's Dirge

Behn, Aphra

Beneath a Cool Shade

Coquet, The

Fair Jilt, The

Prospect and Bower of Bliss, The

Royal Slave, The

Song, from Abdelazar

Song, from The Banished Cavalier



Blake, William

And Did Those Feet in Ancient Time

Auguries of Innocence

Chimney Sweeper, The

Clod and the Pebble, The

Garden of Love, The

Holy Thursday

Infant Sorrow

Introduction to Songs of Innocence

Lamb, The

Land of Dreams, The

Love's Secret

Poison Tree, A

Sick Rose, The

Songs of Experience-My Pretty Rose-Tree

Songs of Experience-The Fly

Songs of Experience-The Sunflower

Songs of Innocence-Night

Songs of Innocence-The Chimney Sweeper

Songs of Innocence-The Little Black Boy

Songs of Innocence-The Schoolboy

Songs of Innocence-The Shepherd

Tiger, The

Boswell, Sir Alexander

Good-Night, and Joy Be Wi' Ye A'

Jenny's Bawbee

Bowles, William Lisle

Sonnet: At Dover Cliffs, July 20th 1787

Sonnet: At Ostend, July 22nd 1787

Sonnet: July 18th 1787

Sonnet: Languid, and Sad, and Slow, from Day to Day

Sonnet: O Poverty! Though From Thy Haggard Eye

Breton, Nicholas

In the Merry Month of May

Bronte, Anne

Agnes Gray

Tenant of Wildfell Hall, The

Bronte, Charlotte

Jane Eyre

On the Death of Anne Bronte

Speak of the North! A Lonely Moor

Bronte, Emily Jane

A Little While, a Little While

At Castle Wood

No Coward Soul is Mine

Oh, For the Time When I Shall Sleep

Old Stoic, The

Prisoner, The


Speak, God of Visions


Wuthering Heights

Brooke, Rupert


Dead, The

Fish, The

Great Lover, The


Hill, The

Little Dog's Day, The

Soldier, The

Sonnet (Brooke)

Sonnet: Now, God Be Thanked Who Has Matched Us With His Hour

Treasure, The

Brown, Thomas Edward


Go Back!

I Bended Unto Me a Bough of May

My Garden


Browning, Elizabeth Barrett

Amy's Cruelty

Bianca Among the Nightingales

Cry of the Children, The

Forced Recruit, The

From: Sonnets From the Portuguese

From: Sonnets From the Portuguese


I Thought Once How Theocritus Had Sung

Landing of the Pilgrim Fathers, The

Musical Instrument, A

Romance of the Swan's Nest, The

To Flush, My Dog

Unlike Are We, Unlike, O Princely Heart!

Weakest Thing, The

What Can I Give Thee Back, O Liberal

When Our Two Souls Stand Up Erect and Strong

Browning, Robert

Any Wife to Any Husband

Apparent Failure

Bishop Orders His Tomb at St. Praxed's Church, The

Boot and Saddle


Englishman in Italy, The

Epilogue to Asolando

Home Thoughts, from Abroad

Home Thoughts, from Abroad

How They Brought the Good News from Ghent to Aix

In a Gondola

Italian in England, The

Laboratory , The

Life in a Love

Lost Leader, The

Lost Mistress, The

Love Among the Ruins

Love in a Life

May and Death

Meeting at Night



My Last Duchess

My Star

Parting at Morning

Patriot, The

Pied Piper of Hamelin, The

Porphyria's Lover

Pretty Woman, A


Song, from Pippa Passes

Song, from Pippa Passes

Song, from Pippa Passes

Through the Metodja to Abd-El-Kadr

Toccata of Galuppi's, A

Two in the Campagna

Up at a Villadown in the City


Bryant, William Cullen

Antiquity of Freedom, The

O, Fairest of the Rural Maids

Snow-Shower, The

Spring in Town


To a Waterfowl

To the Fringed Gentian

Bunyan, John

Pilgrim's Progress, The

Shepherd Boy's Song, from The Pilgrim's Progress, The

Song, from The Pilgrim's Progress

Burnett, Frances Hodgson

Sara Crewe

Secret Garden, The

Burns, Robert

Address to the Unco Guid

Ae Fond Kiss, and then We Sever

Afton Water

Auld Lang Syne

Bonnie Lesley

Charlie he's my darling

Coming Through The Rye

Duncan Gray

Fareweel To A'Our Scottish Fame

Farewell, A

For a' that and a' that

Highland Mary


John Anderson

John Barleycorn

Lament for Culloden

Lassie Wi' the Lint-White Locks

Mary Morison

My Heart's in the Highlands

O whistle, and I'll come to ye, my lad

Oh Wert Thou in the Cauld Blast

Red, Red Rose, A

Scots, Wha Hae Wi' Wallace Bled

Silver Tassie, The

Song: Green Grow the Rashes

Tam O'Shanter

Tibbie Dunbar

To a Louse

To a Mountain Daisy

To a Mouse

Up in the Morning Early

Ye Banks and Braes O'Bonnie Doon

Byron, Lord George Gordon

Churchill's Grave


Destruction of Sennacherib, The

Dream, The

Epistle to Augusta

Lines Inscribed Upon a Cup Formed From a Skull

Lines Written Beneath an Elm in the Churchyard of Harrow

Lines, On Hearing That Lady Byron Was Ill

Oh! Snatched Away in Beauty's Bloom

On Chillon

On This Day I Complete My Thirty-Sixth Year

Remember thee! Remember thee!

She Walks in Beauty

So, We'll Go No More a Roving


Spirit Passed Before Me, A

Stanzas for Music There's Not a Joy the World Can Give

Stanzas For Music

Stanzas To Augusta

Stanzas to the Po

Stanzas Written on the Road Between Florence and Pisa

To Thomas Moore

To Thyrza: And Thou Art Dead

When We Two Parted

Written After Swimming from Sestos to Abydos

Campbell, Thomas

Battle of the Baltic, The

Earl March Looked on His Dying Child

Eternity of Hope

Exile of Erin

Field Flowers


Last Man, The

Lord Ullin's Daughter

River of Life, The

Soldier's Dream, The

To the Evening Star

To the Rainbow

Ye Mariners of England

Follow Thy Fair Sun, Unhappy Shadow

Follow Your Saint, Follow With Accents Sweet

Give Beauty All Her Right

Jack and Joan They Think No Ill

Kind Are Her Answers

Maids Are Simple, Some Men Say

Rose-Cheeked Laura, Come

There is a Garden in Her Face

Thrice Toss These Oaken Ashes in the Air

When Thou Must Home to Shades of Underground

When to Her Lute Corinna Sings

Carew, Thomas

Ask Me No More

Epitaph on the Late Mary Villiers

He That Loves a Rosy Cheek

I Do Not Love Thee For That Fair

Know, Celia, Since Thou Art So Proud

Primrose, The

Song: To My Inconstant Mistress

Carey, Henry

Sally in Our Alley

Carroll, Lewis

Aged Aged Man, The

Alice in Wonderland

Father William

How doth the little crocodile

Hunting of the Snark, The


Mad Gardener's Song

My Fancy

Poeta Fit, Non Nascitur

Sea, The

Strange Wild Song, A

Through the Looking Glass

Walrus and the Carpenter, The

White Knight's Song, The

Chaucer, Geoffrey

Troilus and Criseyde

Clare, John

Blind Boy, The

Autumn Morning



Emmonsail's Heath in Winter

Evening Schoolboys


First Love

First Sight of Spring

Flood, The


Hares at play


I Am! Yet What I Am None Cares or Knows

I am

Little Trotty Wagtail

Love Lives Beyond the Tomb


Mouse's Nest

Night Wind

Shepherd's Tree, The

Sky Lark, The

Snow Storm

Song's Eternity

Thrush's Nest, The

Vixen, The

What is Life?

Winter Evening

Wood Pictures in Summer

Wren, The

Clinton, William Jefferson

Clinton's Inaugural Address

Clough, Arthur Hugh

In a London Square

Last Decalogue, The

Qua Cursum Ventus

Where Lies the Land to Which the Ship Would Go

Coleridge, Hartley

To a Friend

Coleridge, Mary Elizabeth


Egypt's Might is Tumbled Down

Furness Abbey

High Wind


Our Lady

Street Lanterns

We Were Not Made For Refuges Of Lies

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor

Answer to a child's question

Beck in Winter, A

Brockley Coomb


Dejection: An Ode

Dungeon, The

Eolian Harp, The

Fears in Solitude



France: an Ode

Frost at Midnight

Kubla Khan


Netherlands, The

Nightingale, The

On Donne's Poetry

Pains of Sleep, The

Reflections on having left a Place of Retirement.

Rime of the Ancient Mariner, The

Sonnet: To the River Otter

This Lime-Tree Bower my Prison

Time, Real and Imaginary

To Nature

To the Rev. George Coleridge.

Work Without Hope

Youth and Age

Collins, William

In the Downhill of Life

Ode to Evening

Ode Written in the Beginning of the Year 1746

Passions, The

Conan Doyle, Sir Arthur

Sherlock Holmes, 1: A Scandal in Bohemia

Sherlock Holmes, 2: The Red-Headed League

Sherlock Holmes, 3: A Case Of Identity

Sherlock Holmes, 4: The Boscombe Valley Mystery

Sherlock Holmes, 5: The Five Orange Pips

Sherlock Holmes, 6: The Man with the Twisted Lip

Sherlock Holmes, 7: The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle

Sherlock Holmes, 8: The Adventure of the Speckled Band

Sherlock Holmes, 9: The Adventure of the Engineer's Thumb

Sherlock Holmes, 10: The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor

Sherlock Holmes, 11: The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet

Sherlock Holmes, 12: The Adventure of the Copper Beeches

Congreve, William

Way of the World, The

Damelus' Song to his Diaphenia

To God the Father

Cory, William Johnson


Dirge, A

Eton Boating Song


Mimnermus in Church

Cowley, Abraham

Supplication, A

Cowper, William

Apology to Delia: For Desiring a Lock of Her Hair

Beau's Reply


Comparison, A

Despair at His Separation from Delia

Diverting History of John Gilpin, The

Dog and the Water Lily, The

Epitaph on a Free But Tame Redbreast

God Moves in a Mysterious Way

Lines Written During a Period of Insanity

Negro's Complaint, The

On a Goldfinch, Starved to Death in His Cage

On a Mischievous Bull

On a Spaniel, Called Beau, Killing a Young Bird

On Observing some Names

On the High Price of Fish

On the Late Indecent Liberties Taken With the Remains of Milton

On the Loss of the Royal George

On the Receipt of My Mother's Picture Out of Norfolk

Poplar Field, The


Sonnet to a Young Lady on Her Birthday

Stream, The

Sweet Meat Has Sour Sauce

To Delia: On Her Endeavouring to Conceal Her Grief at Parting

To Mary

To Mrs Unwin

To the Immortal Memory of the Halibut


Crane, Stephen

Red Badge of Courage, The

Crashaw, Richard

Wishes. To his (supposed) Mistress

Cunningham, Allan

Hame, Hame, Hame

Morning, The


Wet Sheet and a Flowing Sea, A

Daniel, Samuel

Beauty, Sweet Love, is Like the Morning Dew

Care-Charmer Sleep, Son of the Sable Night

Fair is My Love and Cruel as She's Fair

Let Others Sing of Knights and Paladins

Love is a Sickness Full of Woes

Song, from Tethys' Festival

Ulysses and the Siren

Davidson, John

In Romney Marsh

Price, The

Runnable Stag, A

St. Michael's Mount

Thirty Bob a Week


De Vere, Aubrey

Dignity of Sorrow, The

If Women Could Be Fair and Yet Not Fond

New Race, The

Plorans Ploravit

Song (De Vere)

Defoe, Daniel

Moll Flanders

Robinson Crusoe


Dekker, Thomas

O Sweet Content

Descartes, Rene

Discourse on the Method

Dickens, Charles

Bleak House

Christmas Carol, A

David Copperfield

Great Expectations

Hard Times

Little Dorrit

Martin Chuzzlewit

Nicholas Nickleby

Old Curiosity Shop, The

Oliver Twist

Pickwick Papers, The

Tale of Two Cities, A

Dickinson, Emily

After a hundred years

As imperceptibly as grief

Because I Could Not Stop for Death

Book, A

Elysium is as far as to

I Died for Beauty, but was Scarce

I Felt a Funeral in My Brain

I Went to Heaven

I'm Nobody! Who are You?

I've Known a Heaven Like a Tent

My Life Closed Twice Before it Closed

Mystery of Pain, The

Only News I Know, The

Pedigree of Honey, The

Presentiment is that long shadow on the lawn

She rose to his requirement

She Sweeps With Many-Coloured Brooms

Sky is low, the clouds are mean, The


Success is Counted Sweetest

Summer Shower

The Bustle in a House

There came a wind like a bugle

There's Been a Death in the Opposite House

This Quiet Dust was Gentlemen and Ladies

Thunderstorm, A

Donne, John

Apparition, The

Bait, The

Break of Day

Canonization, The

Confined Love

Damp, The

Dissolution, The

Dream, The

Elegy I: Jealousy

Elegy II: The Anagram

Elegy III: Change

Elegy IV: The Perfume

Elegy IX: The Autumnal

Elegy V: His Picture

Elegy VI

Elegy VII

Elegy VIII: The Comparison

Elegy X: The Dream

Elegy XVIII: Love's Progress

Elergy XVI: On His Mistress

Flea, The

Funeral, The

Good-Morrow, The

Holy Sonnet I

Holy Sonnet II

Holy Sonnet III

Holy Sonnet IV

Holy Sonnet IX

Holy Sonnet V

Holy Sonnet VI

Holy Sonnet VII

Holy Sonnet VIII

Holy Sonnet X

Holy Sonnet XI

Holy Sonnet XII

Holy Sonnet XIII

Holy Sonnet XIV

Holy Sonnet XIX

Holy Sonnet XV

Holy Sonnet XVI

Holy Sonnet XVII

Holy Sonnet XVIII

Hymn to Christ at the Author's Last Going into Germany, A

Hymn to God the Father, A

Indifferent, The

Love's Deity

Love's Usury

Meditations upon our Human Condition

Primrose, The

Prohibition, The



Sun Rising, The

Triple Fool, The

Valediction: Of Weeping, A

Witchcraft by a Picture

Woman's Constancy

Douglass, Frederick

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

Dowson, Ernest Christopher

Cease Smiling Dear! A Little While Be Sad

Comedy of Masks, A

Dead Child, The


Extreme Unction

Flos Lunae

Garden of Shadow, The

In a Breton Cemetery

In Tempore Senectutis

Non Sum Qualis Eram Bonae Sub Regno Cynarae

O Mors! Quam Amara est Memoria

Saint Germain-En-Laye

Three Witches, The

To a Lady Asking Foolish Questions

To One in Bedlam

Villanelle of Acheron

Villanelle of the Poet's Road

Vitae Summa Brevis Spem Nos Vetat Incohare Longam

Yvonne of Brittany

Doyle, Sir Francis Hastings Charles

Loss of the Birkenhead, The

Private of the Buffs, The

Red Thread of Honour, The

Drayton, Michael

Battle of Agincourt, The

Dear, Why Should You Command Me to My Rest

How Many Paltry Foolish Painted Things

If Chaste and Pure Devotion of My Youth

Parting, The

To His Coy Love

To Nothing Fitter Can I Thee Compare

To the Virginian Voyage

Whilst Thus My Pen Strives To Eternise Thee

Drummond, William (of Hawthorndon)

Doth then the World Go Thus?


Lament, A

Look How the Flower Which Lingeringly Doth Fade


Saint John Baptist

Sleep, Silence' Child, Sweet Father of Soft Rest

Summons to Love

This Life, Which Seems So Fair

To His Lute

To the Nightingale

World a Hunt, The

Dryden, John

Alexander's Feast; Or, the Power of Music

Confessio Fidei

Crown Prince of Dullness, The

Farewell, Ungrateful Traitor

London After the Great Fire, 1666


On Jacob Tonson, his Publisher

Prologue to Amboyna

Song for Saint Cecilia's Day

Song from An Evening's Love

Song from Marriage-a-la-Mode


To the Memory of Mr Oldham

Vox Populi

Dyer, Sir Edward

My Mind to Me a Kingdom Is

Eliot, George

Adam Bede

Felix Holt, The Radical

From The Spanish Gypsy


Mill on the Floss, The

Silas Marner

Elliot, Jean (Jane)

Flowers of the Forest, The

Emerson, Ralph Waldo


Concord Hymn



Give all to Love



Ode to Beauty

Rhodora, The

Snow-Storm, The


Two Rivers

Emperor Hirohito

Japanese Surrender Documents - WWII, The

Ferguson, Sir Samuel

Cean Dubh Deelish

Forester's Complaint, The

Lapful of Nuts, The

Field, Michael

Adown the Lesbian Vales

Bury Her at Even

Ebbtide at Sundown

Gold is the Son of Zeus: Neither Moth Nor Worm May Gnaw It

Shepherd Apollo

Tragic Mary Queen of Scots, The

Tragic Mary Queen of Scots, The

Finch, Anne (Countess of Winchilsea)

Adam Posed

Apology, The

Bargain, The

Bird, The

Introduction, The

Letter to Daphnis, A

Love's Pang

On Myself

Sigh, A

Spleen, The

To Death

To My Sister Ogle

To the Nightingale

Tree, The

Fitzgerald, Edward

Dream Called Life, The

Meadows in Spring, The

Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam of Naishapur, The

Flecker, James Elroy

Blue Noon, The


Dying Patriot, The

In Hospital

November Eves

Old Ships, The

Princess, The

Ship, An Isle, A Sickle Moon, A

War Song of the Saracens

Fletcher, John

Hence, All You Vain Delights from the Nice Valour

Take, Oh Take Those Lips Away

Ford, John

'Tis Pity She's a Whore

Frederic, Harold

Damnation of Theron Ware, The

Gaskell, Elizabeth


Gay, John

Beggar's Opera, The

Black-Eyed Susan

Gilbert, William Schwenck

Blue Blood

Bumboat Woman's Story, The

Captain Reece

Nightmare from Iolanthe, A

Yarn of the Nancy Bell, The

Goldsmith, Oliver

An Elegy on the Death of a Mad Dog

An Elegy on the Glory of Her Sex, Mrs Mary Blaize

Deserted Village, The

She Stoops to Conquer

Sweet Auburn

Vicar of Wakefield, The

When Lovely Woman Stoops to Folly

Gray, Thomas

Bard, The

Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard

Hymn to Adversity

Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College

Ode on the Pleasure Arising from Vicissitude

Ode on the Spring

On the Death of a Favourite Cat, Drowned in a Tub of Gold Fishes

Progress of Poesy, The

Sonnet on the Death of Mr Richard West

Grenfell, Julian

Into Battle

To a Black Greyhound

Grossmith, George and Weedon

Diary of a Nobody, The

Haggard, Rider

King Solomon's Mines

Hawthorne, Nathaniel

House of the Seven Gables, The

Scarlet Letter, The

Hemans, Felicia Dorothea


English's Dead

Graves of a Household, The

Homes of England, The

Sunday in England

Henley, William Ernest

English, My England

Fill a Glass With Golden Wine

In Hospital After

In Hospital Before

In Hospital Staff Nurse: New Style

In Hospital Staff Nurse: Old Style


On the Way to Kew

Henry, Patrick

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death

Herbert, George

Church Music

Collar, The



Flower, The



Man's Medley


Pearl, The


Pulley, The

Quip, The


Temper, The


Herrick, Robert

An Epitaph Upon a Virgin

Argument of His Book, The

Bag of the Bee, The

Conjuration to Electra, A

Corinna's Going A-Maying

Divination by a Daffodil

To Anthea, Who May Command Him Anything

To Daisies, Not to Shut So Soon

To Julia

To Perilla

Upon Julia's Hair Filled With Dew

Upon Julia's Unlacing Herself

Upon the Nipples of Julia's Breast

Heywood, Thomas

Pack, Clouds, Away, and Welcome Day

Hogg, James

Boy's Song, A

Skylark, The

Holmes, Oliver Wendell

Cacoethes Scribendi

Chambered Nautilus, The

Deacon's Masterpiece, The

Height of the Ridiculous, The


Last Leaf, The

Old Ironsides

To an Insect

Voiceless, The

Hood, Thomas

Bridge of Sighs, The

Death Bed, The

Domestic Didactics by an Old Servant

Domestic Didactics by an Old Servant

Domestic Didactics by an Old Servant

Faithless Nelly Gray

First Attempt in Rhyme, A

I Remember, I Remember


Song for Music

Song of the Shirt, The

Time of Roses, The

To a False Friend

Prisoner of Zenda, The

Hopkins, Gerard Manley

As Kingfishers Catch Fire, Dragonflies Draw Flame

Binsey Poplars

Carrion Comfort

Duns Scotus's Oxford

Felix Randal

God's Grandeur

Habit of Perfection, The

Harry Ploughman


I Wake and Feel the Fell of Dark, Not Day

In the Valley of the Elwy


My Own Heart Let Me More Have Pity On

No Worst, There Is None. Pitched Past Pitch of Grief

Pied Beauty

Spring and Fall


Starlight Night, The

Thou Art Indeed Just, Lord ...

Windhover, The

Howe, Julia Ward

Battle-Hymn of the Republic

Our Orders

Hughes, Thomas

Tom Brown's Schooldays

Hugo, Victor

Les Miserables I-IV

Les Miserables V

Hunt, James Henry Leigh

Abou Ben Adhem

An Angel in the House

Fish, the Man and the Spirit, The


Jenny Kissed Me


Nile, The

On a Lock of Milton's Hair


Song of Fairies Robbing an Orchard

To the Grasshopper and the Cricket

Ingelow, Jean

For Exmoor

High Tide on the Coast of Lincolnshire, 1571, The

Song of Evening

Song of the Old Love

Songs of Seven

Songs of Seven

Songs of Seven

Songs of Seven

Songs of Seven

Songs of Seven

Songs of Seven

Irving, Washington

Legend of Sleepy Hollow, The

James, Henry

Ambassadors, The

American, The

Aspern Papers, The


Daisy Miller: A Study

Europeans, The

International Episode, An

Portrait of a Lady, The

Roderick Hudson

Turn of the Screw

Washington Square

Jefferson, Thomas

Thomas Jefferson's First Inaugural Address

Johnson, Lionel Pigot

Age of a Dream, The

By the Statue of King Charles at Charing Cross

Church of a Dream, The

Dark Angel, The

Destroyer of a Soul, The

Laleham: Matthew Arnolds's Grave

Moel Fammau

Precept of Silence, The

To Morfydd


Jonson, Benjamin

An Elegy

An Ode to Himself

Come, my Celia

Epitaph on Elizabeth, L.H.

Epitaph on Salomon Pavy, a Child of Queen Elizabeth's Chapel

Every Man in His Humour

Have You Seen But a Bright Lily Grow

Hymn to God the Father, A

Inviting a Friend to Supper

It is Not Growing Like a Tree

On English Monsieur

On Gut

On My First Daughter

On my First Son

On Playwright

On Spies

Queen and Huntress

Slow, Slow, Fresh Fount

Song to Diana

Song, from The Silent Woman

Still to Be Neat

That Women are But Men's Shadows

Though I am Young and Cannot Tell

To Celia; Drink to Me Only

To Doctor Empirick

To Elizabeth, Countess of Rutland

To Fine Lady Would-Be

To Fool or Knave

To John Donne

To Penshurst

To Sir Henry Cary

To the Memory of My Beloved

To the Reader

Triumph of Charis, The


Keats, John

A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever from Book 1 of Endymion

Addressed to Haydon

After Dark Vapours Have Oppressed Our Plains

Answer to a Sonnet by J.H.Reynolds, Ending

As From the Darkening Gloom a Silver Dove

Bards of Passion and of Mirth

Ben Nevis

Byron! How Sweetly Sad Thy Melody!

Day is Gone, and all its Sweets are Gone, The

Dedication of the Volume of 1817 to Leigh Hunt

Dream, After Reading Dante's Episode of Paolo and Francesca, A

Epistle to my Brother George

Great Spirits Now on Earth are Sojourning

Happy is England! I Could Be Content

His Last Sonnet

How Many Bards Gild the Lapses of Time!

Human Seasons, The

If by Dull Rhymes Our English Must be Chained

Keen Fitful Gusts are Whispering Here and There

La Belle Dame Sans Merci

Lines on the Mermaid Tavern

Meg Merrilees

O Chatterton! How Very Sad Thy Fate

O Solitude! If I Must With Thee Dwell

Ode on a Grecian Urn

Ode on Melancholy

Ode to a Nightingale

Ode to Autumn

Ode to Psyche

Oh! How I Love, On a Fair Summer's Eve

On a Picture of Leander

On Fame

On Fame

On First Looking into Chapman's Homer

On Leaving Some Friends at an Early Hour

On Leigh Hunt's Poem, the Story of Rimini

On Seeing the Elgin Marbles for the First Time

On the Grasshopper and Cricket

On the Sea

On Visiting the Tomb of Burns

Spenser! A Jealous Honourer of Thine

Stanza: In a drear-nighted December

To a Friend Who Sent Me Some Roses

To a Lady Seen for a Few Moments at Vauxhall

To a Young Lady Who Sent Me a Laurel Crown

To Ailsa Rock

To Fanny

To G.A.W.

To Haydon

To Homer

To John Hamilton Reynolds

To Kosciusko

To My Brother George

To My Brothers

To One Who Has Been Long in City Pent

To Sleep (Keats)

To the Nile


When I Have Fears That I May Cease to Be

Why Did I Laugh Tonight? No Voice Will Tell

Written Before Re-Reading King Lear

Written in Burns' Cottage

Written on a Blank Space

Written on a Summer Evening

Written on the Day that Mr Leigh Hunt Left Prison

Kennedy, John Fitzgerald

John F Kennedy's Inaugural Address

King John

Magna Carta (The Great Charter), The

King, Henry


Kingsley, Charles

Airly Beacon


Day of the Lord, The

Knight's Return, The

Last Buccaneer, The

Ode to the North-East

Poetry of a Root Crop, The

Sands of Dee, The


Starlings, The

Summer Sea, The

Three Fishers, The

Ugly Princess, The

Lamb, Charles


Old Familiar Faces, The

On an Infant dying as soon as born

Landor, Walter Savage

Alas! 'Tis Very Sad to Hear

Alciphron and Leucippe


Corinna, from Athens, to Tanagra


Dragon-Fly, The

Ianthe's Question



Lately Our Poets Loitered in Green Lanes

Maid's Lament, The

Mother, I Cannot Mind My Wheel

Of Clementina

On an Eclipse of the Moon

On Catullus

On His Seventy-Fifth Birthday

Proud Word You Never Spoke

Rose Aylmer

To Robert Browning



Lang, Andrew (translator, 1880)

Arabian Nights Entertainments, The

Le Fanu, Joseph Sheridan

Hymn from Beatrice

Lear, Edward

By Way of Preface

Courtship of the Yonghy-Bongy-Bo, The

Jumblies, The

Nutcrackers and the Sugar-Tongs, The

Owl and the Pussy Cat, The

Pobble Who Has No Toes, The

There Was a Young Lady of Portugal

There Was a Young Lady Whose Chin

There Was a Young Lady Whose Eyes

There Was a Young Lady Whose Nose

There Was a Young Person of Smyrna

There Was an Old Lady Whose Folly

There Was an Old Man in a Boat

There Was an Old Man in a Tree

There Was an Old Man of Asta

There Was an Old Man of the Coast

There Was an Old Man of the Nile

There Was an Old Man of Thermopylae

There Was an Old Man Who Said How

There Was an Old Man Who Said Hush

There Was an Old Man With a Beard

There Was an Old Person of Ware

Lincoln, Abraham

Abraham Lincoln's First Inaugural Address

Abraham Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address

Emancipation Proclamation, The

Gettysburg Address, The

Lodge, Thomas

Pluck the Fruit and Taste the Pleasure

Rosalynde's Description

Logan, John

Yarrow Stream

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth


Daylight and Moonlight

Evangeline - A Tale of Acadie



Four by the Clock

In the Churchyard at Cambridge

Jewish Cemetery at Newport, The



My Lost Youth


Paul Revere's Ride

Poets, The

Psalm of Life, A

Quadroon Girl, The


Skeleton in Armour, The

Slave in the Dismal Swamp, The

Slave's Dream, The

Song of Hiawatha, The

Tide Rises, the Tide Falls, The

Village Blacksmith, The

Wreck of the Hesperus, The

Lovelace, Richard

Grasshopper, The

Rose, The

Scrutiny, The

To Althea, from Prison

To Amarantha, That She Would Dishevel Her Hair

To Lucasta, Going Beyond the Seas

To Lucasta, Going to the Wars

Lowell, Amy



Lady, A

Madonna of the Evening Flowers


Venus Transiens

Lowell, James Russell


Lyly, John

Cupid and My Campaspe Played

Song:To the Spring

Macaulay, Thomas Babington

Battle of the Lake Regillus, The

Jacobite's Epitaph, A

Lays of Ancient Rome: Horatius

Lays of Ancient Rome: Virginia

Prophecy of Capys, The

Mangan, James Clarence

Spanish Armada, The

And Then No More

Cahel Mor of the Wine-Red Hand


Dark Rosaleen

Kathleen Ni-Houlahan

Nameless One, The

One Mystery, The


To Amine

Twenty Golden Years Ago

Woman of Three Cows, The

Marlowe, Christopher

Jew of Malta, The

Passionate Shepherd to His Love, The

Tragical History of Doctor Faustus, The

Marvell, Andrew


Definition of Love, The

Fair Singer, The

Garden of Appleton House

Garden, The

Horatian Ode Upon Cromwell's Return from Ireland, The

Match, The

Mower to the Glow-Worms, The

Nymph Complaining for the Death of Her Fawn, The

On a Drop of Dew

Picture of Little T.C. in a Prospect of Flowers, The

To His Coy Mistress

Marx, Karl

Manifesto of the Communist Party

Melville, Herman


Enthusiast, The

Falstaff's Lament Over Prince Hal Become Henry V

Father Mapple's Hymn, from Moby Dick

From the Conflict of Convictions

Gold in the Mountain

House-Top, The


In the Pauper's Turnip-Field

Maldive Shark, The

Malvern Hill

Mound by the Lake, The

Sheridan at Cedar Creek


Temeraire, The

Meynell, Alice Christiana

At Night


Dead Harvest, A

I Am The Way

In Early Spring

Lady Poverty, The

Letter From a Girl to Her Own Old Age, A


November Blue

Poet of One Mood, A


Shepherdess, The

To a Daisy

Mickle, William Julius

Sailor's Wife, The

Milton, John

An Epitaph on the Admirable Dramatic Poet W Shakespeare

At a Solemn Music

Hymn, The

Il Penseroso



On the Morning of Christ's Nativity

On Time

Paradise Lost

Paradise Regained

Samson Agonistes

Sonnet IX: To a Virtuous Young Lady

Sonnet VII

Sonnet VIII

Sonnet X

Sonnet XI

Sonnet XIII

Sonnet XIX: On His Blindness

Sonnet XVI

Sonnet XVII

Sonnet XVIII

Sonnet XX

Sonnet XXI

Sonnet XXII

Sonnet XXIII

To the Nightingale

Miscellaneous & Unknown

Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp

Amendments to the Constitution of the United States

Annapolis Convention, The

Articles of Confederation, The

Bible - Genesis

Bible - Exodus

Bible - Leviticus

Bible - Numbers

Bible - Deuteronomy

Bible - Joshua

Bible - Judges

Bible - Ruth

Bible - 1 Samuel

Bible - 2 Samuel

Bible - 1 Kings

Bible - 2 Kings

Bible - 1 Chronicles

Bible - 2 Chronicles

Bible - Ezra

Bible - Nehemiah

Bible - Esther

Bible - Job

Bible - Psalms

Bible - Proverbs

Bible - Ecclesiastes

Bible - Song of Solomon

Bible - Isaiah

Bible - Jeremiah

Bible - Lamentations

Bible - Ezekiel

Bible - Daniel

Bible - Hosea

Bible - Joel

Bible - Amos

Bible - Obadiah

Bible - Jonah

Bible - Micah

Bible - Nahum

Bible - Habakkuk

Bible - Zephaniah

Bible - Haggai

Bible - Zechariah

Bible - Malachi

Bible - Matthew

Bible - Mark

Bible - Luke

Bible - John

Bible - Acts

Bible - Romans

Bible - 1 Corinthians

Bible - 2 Corinthians

Bible - Galatians

Bible - Ephesians

Bible - Philippians

Bible - Colossians

Bible - 1 Thessalonians

Bible - 2 Thessalonians

Bible - 1 Timothy

Bible - 2 Timothy

Bible - Titus

Bible - Philemon

Bible - Hebrews

Bible - James

Bible - 1 Peter

Bible - 2 Peter

Bible - 1 John

Bible - 2 John

Bible - 3 John

Bible - Jude

Bible - Revelation

Bill of Rights

Book of Mormon, The

Charlotte Town Resolves, The

Constitution of the Iroquois Nations, The

Constitution of the United States of America, The

Declaration and Resolves of the First Continental Congress, The

Declaration of Independence, The

Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen

Deuterocanonical Books of the Bible, The Apocrypha

First Thanksgiving Proclamation, The

Fundamental Orders of 1639, The

Mayflower Compact, The

Monroe Doctrine, The

Northwest Ordinance, The

Paris Peace Treaty (Peace Treaty of 1783), The

Treaty of Greenville, The

Virginia Declaration of Rights, The

Moore, Thomas

'Tis the Last Rose of Summer

After the Battle

As Slow Our Ship

At the Mid Hour of Night



Canadian Boat Song, A

Dear Harp of My Country


Love's Young Dream

Minstrel Boy, The

Oft in the Stilly Night

Oh! Breathe Not His Name

To My Mother

When He Who Adores Thee

Morris, William


Eve of Crecy, The

Haystack in the Floods, The

In Prison

Love is Enough

Near Avalon



Shameful Death

Summer Dawn

Two Red Roses Across the Moon

Munday, Anthony

Beauty Sat Bathing by a Spring

Nairne, Lady Carolina

Bonnie Charlie's Now Awa'

Caller Herrin'

Charlie is my Darling

Laird O' Cockpen, The

Land O' the Leal, The

Would You Be Young Again?

Nashe, Thomas

Adieu, Farewell Earth's Bliss


Newman, Cardinal John Henry

Lead, Kindly Light, Amid the Encircling Gloom

O'Shaughnessy, Arthur William Edgar

At the Last

Black Marble


Line of Beauty, The



Owen, Wilfred

Anthem for Doomed Youth

Arms and the Boy


At a Calvary near the Ancre

Dead-Beat, The


Dulce et Decorum Est



Greater Love

Hospital Barge at Cerisy


Mental Cases


Parable of the Old Man and the Young

Roads Also, The

Send-Off, The

Sentry, The

Shadwell Stair

Sonnet: To a Child

Spring Offensive

Strange Meeting

Terre, A

To Eros

Winter Song

Young Soldier, The

Pater, Walter Horatio

Mona Lisa

Peacock, Thomas Love


Lord's Prayer, Paraphrased, The

Love and Age

Pindar: On the Eclipse of the Sun

Rich and Poor: Or, Saint and Sinner

To a Young Lady, Netting

War Song of Dinas Vawr, The

Philips, Ambrose

To Miss Charlotte Pulteney, in Her Mother's Arms


Republic, Book X, end section

Poe, Edgar Allan

Annabel Lee

Bells, The

City in the Sea, The

Conqueror Worm, The

Dream Within a Dream, A




For Annie

Haunted Palace, The



Raven, The

Sleeper, The

Sonnet: Silence

Sonnet: To Science

Spirits of the Dead

To Helen

To One in Paradise


Valley of Unrest, The

Pope, Alexander

An Essay on Criticism

Elegy to the Memory of an Unfortunate Lady

Epistle to Miss Teresa Blount

Ode on Solitude

Ode on St. Cecilia's Day

Rape of the Lock, The

Prior, Matthew

Better Answer, A

Merchant, to Secure His Treasure, The

Proctor, Adelaide Anne

Doubting Heart, A

Ralegh, Sir Walter

All the World's a Stage

As You Came from the Holy Land

Even Such is Time

Lie, The

Nymph's Reply to the Shepherd, A

Passionate Man's Pilgrimage, The

To His Son

Upon Spenser's Faerie Queene

Rogers, Samuel

Sleeping Beauty, The

Wish, A

Roget, Peter Mark

Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases

Roosevelt, Franklin Delano

Franklin D.Roosevelt's First Inaugural Address

Rossetti, Christina Georgina

Birthday, A

Bourne, The

Christmas Carol, A (Poem)


Endure Hardness

Frog's Fate, A

Goblin Market

Lord Jesus, Who Would Think That I Am Thine?



One Sea-Side Grave

Promises Like Pie-Crust


Skylark, The

Somewhere or Other

Spring Quiet

Summer is Ended


When I Am Dead, My Dearest

Who Hath Despised the Day of Small Things?

Winter: My Secret

Rossetti, Dante Gabriel

Blessed Damozel, The

Broken Music

Choice, I, The

Choice, II, The

Choice, III, The

Death's Songsters



For Our Lady of the Rocks by Leonardo Da Vinci

House of Life: Introductory Sonnet, The

My Sister's Sleep

Sea Limits, The

Sea-Spell, A

Sibylla Palmifera

Sudden Light

Superscription, A

Woodspurge, The

Saint Benedict

Holy Rule of St. Benedict, The

Scott, Sir Walter


Bible, The

Birds of Omen Dark and Foul, from the Legend of Montrose

Breathes There the Man... From the Lay of the Last Minstrel


From, The Lady of the Lake; Soldier, Rest! Thy Warfare O'er

Hunting Song


Jock of Hazeldean


Macgregor's Gathering

Maid of Neidpath, The

My Aunt Margaret's Mirror

Outlaw, The

Pibroch of Donald Dhu

Proud Maisie

Rob Roy


Rover, The

Serenade, A

Where Shall the Lover Rest?

Sedley, Sir Charles

Ah, Chloris! That I Now Could Sit From the Mulberry Garden

Not, Celia, That I Juster Am

Seeger, Alan

I Have a Rendezvous With Death

Shakespeare, William

All's Well that Ends Well

Antony and Cleopatra

As You Like It

Comedy of Errors, The




Henry the Eighth

Henry the Fifth

Henry the Fourth, part 1

Henry the Fourth, part 2

Henry the Sixth, part 1

Henry the Sixth, part 2

Henry the Sixth, part 3

Julius Caesar

King John

King Lear

Love's Labour's Lost

Lover's Complaint, A


Measure for Measure

Merchant of Venice, The

Merry Wives of Windsor, The

Midsummer Night's Dream, A

Much Ado About Nothing


Pericles, Prince of Tyre

Phoenix and the Turtle, The

Rape of Lucrece, The

Richard the Second

Richard the Third

Romeo and Juliet

Sonnets 1-154

Taming of the Shrew, The

Tempest, The

Timon of Athens

Titus Andronicus

Troilus and Cressida

Twelfth Night

Two Gentlemen of Verona

Venus and Adonis

Winter's Tale, A

Shelley, Mary


Shelly, Percy Bysshe


Asia: From Prometheus Unbound

English in 1819

Feelings of a Republican on the Fall of Bonaparte

Indian Serenade, The

Invitation, The


Lament, A

Lines Written Among the Euganean Hills

Love's Philosophy

Mont Blanc

Music, When Soft Voices Die


New World, A

Ode to the West Wind

On a Poet's Lips I Slept

One Word is Too Often Profaned


Song-To the Men of England

Stanzas Written in Dejection Near Naples


To a Lady, With a Guitar

To a Skylark

To Night

To the Moon

To Wordsworth



Waning Moon, The

When the Lamp is Shattered

Widow Burd Sate Mourning for Her Love, A

Sheridan, Richard Brinsley

Dry Be That Tear

Rivals, The

School for Scandal, The

Song, from School for Scandal

Song, from The Duenna

Shorter, Dora Sigerson

Enemies, The

Hours of Illness, The


Progress: 1914-1918

They Did Not See Thy Face

Watcher in the Woods, The

Wind, The

Sidney, Sir Philip

Astrophel and Stella-Eleventh Song

Astrophel and Stella-First Song

Astrophel and Stella-Sonnet LIV

Astrophel and Stella-Sonnet XXXI

Come Sleep, O Sleep! The Certain Knot of Peace


Farewell, A

Leave Me, O Love Which Reachest But to Dust

Loving in Truth, and Fain in Verse My Love to Show

My True Love Hath My Heart, and I Have His


Sleep, baby mine, Desire

To the Sad Moon

Voices at the Window

Smollett, Tobias

Adventures of Roderick Random, The


Allegory of the Cave


Sophocles' Oedipus Trilogy

Southey, Robert

After Blenheim

My Days Among the Dead are Passed


Southwell, Robert

Burning Babe, The

Child My Choice, A

New Prince, New Pomp

Times Go by Turns

Upon the Image of Death

Virgin Mary to Christ on the Cross, The

Spenser, Edmund

Amoretti LXXV; One Day I Wrote Her Name Upon the Strand


Ice and Fire


So Let Us Love

Tamed Deer, The

Stevenson, Robert Louis

Celestial Surgeon, The

Child's Garden of Verses, A

I Will Make You Brooches


Portrait, A


Since Years Ago for Evermore

Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The

Tales and Fantasies

To the Muse

Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes

Treasure Island

Vagabond, The

Windy Nights

Stoker, Bram


Stratton-Porter, Gene


Girl of the Limberlost, A

Suckling, Sir John

Ballad Upon a Wedding, A

I Prithee Send Me Back My Heart

Love Turned to Hatred

Lutea Allison

Out Upon it, I Have Loved


When, Dearest, I But Think of Thee

Why So Pale and Wan, Fond Lover?

Sun Tzu

Extract from: Sun Tzu on the Art of War, by Lionel Giles (trans, ed)

Sun Tzu on the Art of War, by Lionel Giles (trans, ed)

Swift, Jonathan

Beautiful Young Nymph Going to Bed, A

Day of Judgement, The

Description of a City Shower, A

Description of the Morning, A

Elegy Upon Tiger

Gulliver's Travels

Lady's Dressing Room, The

Maypole, A

Mrs Frances Harris's Petition

On the Irish Club


Place of the Damned, The

Satirical Elegy on the Death of a Late Famous General, A

Sick Lion and the Ass, The

Stella's Birthday - March 13th 1727

To Stella, Who Collected and Transcribed His Poems

Verses on the Death of Doctor Swift

Swinbourne, Algernon Charles

First Chorus from Atalanta in Calydon

Forsaken Garden, A

Garden of Prosperine, The


Leave-Taking, A

Leper, The

Second Chorus from Atalanta in Calydon

Sundew, The

Sylvester, Joshua

Were I as Base as is the Lowly Plain

Synge, John Middleton


Curse, The

In Clencullen

In Kerry

In May

Passing of the Shee, The

Playboy of the Western World, The


Tannahill, Robert

Braes of Balquhither, The

Flower O' Dumblane, The

Gloomy Winter's Now Awa'

Midges Dance Aboon the Burn, The

Tennyson, Lord Alfred


Audley Court

Blow, Bugle, Blow

Break, Break, Break

Charge of the Light Brigade, The

Come Down, O Maid

Cradle Song

Crossing the Bar

Deserted House, The

Eagle, The

Farewell, A

Flower in the Crannied Wall

From in Memoriam A.H.H.

In the Valley of the Cauteretz

Lady of Shalott, The

Letters, The

Lotos-Eaters, The


Morte D'Arthur

Northern Farmer. New Style

Northern Farmer. Old Style

Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal

Revenge: A Ballad of the Fleet, The

Spiteful Letter, The

St Simeon Stylites

Tears, Idle Tears


To the Rev. F.D.Maurice

To Virgil



Thomas, Edward


As the team's head-brass flashed out


Cherry Trees, The


Combe, The

Dark Forest, The


Gypsy, The


Mill-Pond, The

New House, The

Owl, The

Private, A


Sign-Post, The

Trumpet, The


What Will They Do?

Thompson, Francis

Arab Love Songs

At Lords

Child-Woman, from Sister Songs, The




Grace of the Way

Hound of Heaven, The

Poppy, The

To a Snowflake

Thomson, James

Rule Britannia

Thoreau, Henry David

I am a Parcel of Vain Strivings Tied

Low-Anchored Cloud

On the Duty of Civil Disobedience


Trollope, Anthony

Aaron Trow

Barchester Towers

Doctor Thorne

John Bull on the Guadalquivir

Lotta Schmidt

Man Who Kept His Money in a Box, The

Warden, The

Truman, Harry S

German Surrender Documents - WWII, The

Twain, Mark

$30,000 Bequest, The

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The

Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The

Connecticut Yankee, A

Missouri Maiden's Farewell to Alabama, A

Tom Sawyer Abroad

Tom Sawyer, Detective

Tragedy of Pudd'nhead Wilson, The

Tramp Abroad, A

What is Man? and Other Essays of Mark Twain

Vaughan, Henry



Night, The



Retreat, The

Waterfall, The

World, The

Around the World in Eighty Days

Verne, Jules

From the Earth to the Moon

Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea


Very, Jones

Dead, The



Waller, Edmund

Go, Lovely Rose!

Of the Last Verses in the Book

On a Girdle

Song (Waller)

To a Lady Singing

To a Very Young Lady

Warton, Thomas

Oxford Newsman's Verses: For the Year 1771, The

Washington, George

Letter of the President of the Federal Convention

Proclamation of Neutrality (1793), The

Washington's Farewell Address

Watts, Isaac

Against Idleness and Mischief

Prospect of Heaven Makes Death Easy, A

Webster, John

Duchess of Malfi, The

Land Dirge, A

White Devil, The

White, Joseph Blanco

To Night

Whitman, Walt

As If A Phantom Caress'd Me

Come Up From the Fields Father

Crossing Brooklyn Ferry

Dalliance of the Eagles, The

Hushed Be the Camps Today

I Hear It Was Charged Against Me

I Saw in Louisiana a Live-Oak Growing

Noiseless Patient Spider, A

O Captain! My Captain!

Old Ireland

Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking

Sometimes With One I Love

This Dust Was Once the Man

To a Common Prostitute

Unexpressed, The

Unfolded Out of the Folds

When I Heard at The Close of Day

When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloomed

Wound-Dresser, The

You Felons on Trial in Courts

Whittier, John Greenleaf

At Last

Barbara Frietchie

Eternal Goodness, The

Henchman, The


Maud Muller

Poem to a Volume of Poems

Telling the Bees

Waiting, The

Wilde, Oscar

Ave Imperatrix

Ballad of Reading Gaol, The

Devoted Friend, The

Flower of Love


Happy Prince, The

Harlot's House, The

Importance of Being Earnest, The

Lady Windermere's Fan

Libertatis Sacra Fames

Nightingale and the Rose, The

On the Recent Sale by Auction of Keat's Love-Letters

Picture of Dorian Gray, The


Remarkable Rocket, The

Roses and Rue

Selfish Giant, The


To My Wife

Wilmot, John (Earl of Rochester)


Epitaph on Charles II

Give Me Leave to Rail at You

Life and Love

My Dear Mistress Has a Heart

Song of a Young Lady to Her Ancient Lover, A

Upon Nothing

Wither, George

Farewell, Sweet Groves

Shall I, Wasting in Despair

Wolfe, Charles

Burial of Sir John Moore After Corunna, The

Farewell, A

If I Had Thought Thou Couldst Have Died

Wollstonecraft, Mary

Maria, or the Wrongs of Woman

Wordsworth, William

Admonition to a Traveller

Affliction of Margaret, The

Animal Tranquility and Decay

By the Sea

Fountain, The

Green Linnet, The

I Travelled Among Unknown Men

I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud

Influence of Natural Objects

Leech-Gatherer, The

Lesser Celandine, The

Lines Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey

London, 1802

Lucy Strange Fits of Passion I Have Known


My Heart Leaps Up When I Behold

Ode to Duty


On the Extinction of the Venetian Republic

Reaper, The

Reverie of Poor Susan, The

Ruth: Or The Influences of Nature

Scorn Not the Sonnet; Critic, You Have Frowned

She Dwelt Among the Untrodden Ways

She Was a Phantom of Delight

Simon Lee, The Old Huntsman

Slumber Did My Spirit Seal, A

Surprised By Joy

The Sun Has Long Been Set

Thought of a Briton on the Subjugation of Switzerland

Three Years She Grew in Sun and Shower

To a Skylark

To Sleep

To the Cuckoo

To the Daisy

To the Daisy

To Toussaint L'Ouverture

Two April Mornings, The

Upon Westminster Bridge

When I Have Borne in Memory What Has Tamed

Within King's College Chapel, Cambridge

World Is Too Much With Us; Late and Soon, The

Written in Early Spring

Written in London, September, 1802

Yarrow Visited


Wotton, Sir Henry

Character of a Happy Life

On His Mistress, the Queen of Bohemia

Wyatt, Sir Thomas

And Wilt Thou Leave Me Thus

Blame Not My Lute! For He Must Sound

Forget Not Yet the Tried Intent

I Find No Peace, And All My War is Done

Is It Possible

Long Love That in My Thought Doth Harbor, The

Lux, My Fair Falcon

Madam, Withouten Many Words

My Galley Charged with Forgetfulness

My Lute, Awake! Perform the Last

Patience, Though I Have Not

Stand Whoso List

They Flee from Me That Sometime Did Me Seek

What Should I Say

Whoso List to Hunt