Celtic Museum

1. Introduction

2. Music

3. Visual Arts

4. Language

5. Mythology

6. Religion

7. Social Studies

8. Archaeology

9. History

The information in this document was extracted from the original Celtic Museum HyperCard stack, produced by Michael Newton in 1991. Although this newer presentation lacks the interactive features of the format it does include most of the information.

This stack was conceived of, designed and created by Michael Newton. This is being distributed as shareware. If you find this useful or enjoyable, please send a contribution of what you might expect to pay for a book of similar value, and you will be notified when updates or improvements are made. I would suggest that $10 is a reasonable contribution.

I would like to thank Rebecca Roolf for editing and providing supplementary research, and Lynn Holden for collaborating on ideas, providing equipment and encouraging me.

Any corrections, suggestions, additions or compliments are welcome and gladly received.

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The words in the museum are in many different languages. If a word is in a non-English language, it will be followed by a letter in brackets to indicate what language it is.
The letters used are:

The text refers to the source of it’s information with a number in brackets (such as [1]). This number refers to a source listed in the bibliography by number (see below).


A myriad of sources, books, magazines, brochures and music recordings, were consulted when I created the Celtic History Museum. I used only what I thought were the most credible and scholarly studies, and I think that the result is a comprehensive and usable synthesis. These sources are referenced in the text by numbers in brackets (for example, “[1]”)

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