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North of Hebden

The covered aqueduct over the river at Bridge Clough, as viewed from the south.

River weir and millpond overflow sluice at Bridge Clough.

Millpond south of the aqueduct in Bridge Clough.

Middle Dean. Millpond feeder channel looking south.

Middle Dean. Looking down into the river from the path by the feeder.

Middle Dean. Millpond feeder channel looking north.

Middle Dean. Millpond feeder channel, looking south as it enters the next pond.

Middle Dean. Feeder channel overflow sluice.

Middle Dean. Water flowing down into the river from the overflow sluice.

Middle Dean. Dam at the end of the third millpond.

Middle Dean. Retaining wall north of the fourth millpond, which is elevated and just visible in the background to the right.

Middle Dean. The blocked northern end of the fourth millpond.

Middle Dean. A closer view of the dam and brick structure at the north end of the fourth pond.

Middle Dean. Looking south across the fourth pond, as viewed from the dam.

Middle Dean. The brick structure beneath the dam of the fourth pond, as viewed from the dam itself.

Middle Dean. The overspill sluice from the fourth millpond.

Black Dean. The Pack Horse inn can be seen on the hill beyond.

Black Dean. Foundations of the old wooden railway viaduct. This carried materials and men from 'Dawson City' to the Walshaw Dean reservoirs during their construction.

Black Dean, looking towards Blake Dean.

Black Dean, looking east towards Hebden Dale.

The footbridge at Blake Dean.

Blake Dean road bridge, looking west.

Looking west from the road bridge at Blake Dean.

Looking east at Blake Dean.

Alcomden Water, south of Holme Ends, which is the ruin on the left.

Alcomden. Inside Holme Ends.

Alcomden. Inside Holme Ends, a tree is framed by the window.

Alcomden. The ruined roof of Holme Ends.

Alcomden. Looking south towards Holme Ends.

Sheep near Alcomden.