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North of Hebden

The view into Colden Clough from the north, as seen from the path leading to Popples.

Derelict farm buildings at Lane Side, Edge Lane.

Gorple Lower Reservoir, as seen from near Reaps 'summit' to the south.

Pack Horse Inn, Widdop, with the Walshaw Dean reservoirs behind, as seen from Reaps Level, south of Gorple Lower Reservoir.

Looking down towards Graining Water from the west, as the Pennine Way descends by Reaps Water. The Pack Horse is visible to the right.

The two bridges, over Reaps Water to the right and Graining Water to the left.

Approaching the bridge over Reaps Water.

Looking back at the path down from Gorple Cottages. Note the 'monumental' stone gate posts.

Wall and stone post on the Pennine Way (949349).

Crimsworth Dean. Nook farmhouse and barn. The building appears to have been constructed in a least three separate stages.

Crimsworth Dean. Front of Nook farmhouse. The left-hand section appears to be a later construction.

Crimsworth Dean. Interior of the main room at Nook.

Crimsworth Dean. The upper room fireplace at Nook.

Crimsworth Dean. The fireplace and stove in the main room at Nook, constructed of stone and iron.

Crimsworth Dean. The doorway into rear room at Nook.

Crimsworth Dean. The ruin that was Sunny Bank.

Crimsworth Dean. Lumb Hole Falls viewed from the south.

Crimsworth Dean. Lumb Hole Falls.

Crimsworth Dean. The bridge at Lumb Hole Falls.

Crimsworth Dean. Looking north from Lumb Bridge.

Stoodley Pike as seen from the west side of Crimsworth Dean. There is still some snow on the hills.

Footbridge in Crimsworth Dean, viewed from the north.

Mill feeder channel above the river in Bridge Clough. The feeder is culverted at a point nearer to the camera and feeds the pond to the south. At the time this picture was taken the water was overflowing into the river.

Millpond in Bridge Clough. The water enters the pond in the foreground.

The causeway between river and millpond at Bridge Clough.

The covered aqueduct, also a footbridge, over the river at Bridge Clough, as viewed from the north.

The water exit from the millpond at Bridge Clough that feeds into the aqueduct.

Bridge Clough millpond overflow sluice, viewed from above.

Bridge Clough millpond overflow sluice, viewed from below.

River weir in Bridge Clough. The millpond overflow sluice empties into the river via a small channel, visible at the bottom right-hand corner of the picture.