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East of Hebden

Looking down into Hebden Bridge from the hill north-east of Nutclough.

Old Town mill, as viewed from the south.

Looking south-west from Walker Lane, Chiserley.

Old Town Mill, as seen from Walker Lane.

Old Town. Walls and trees above Parrock Lane.

Old Town, looking back along the L lane that leads to Bog Eggs. The church at Heptonstall is just visible in the distance.

Wadsworth Moor. Disused mine shaft and old buildings on the edge of the moor, east of Pecket Well.

Wadsworth Moor. A closer view of the disused shaft and old buildings near the moor.

Wadsworth Moor. Rocks at High Brown Knoll. This area appears to be popular with skylarks.

Wadsworth Moor. Approaching the trig point at High Brown Knoll from the west.

Wadsworth Moor. Rocks west of the trig point at Brown Knoll.

Wadsworth Moor, looking like an English tundra. The view southwards from Brown Knoll. One of the disused mine shafts is visible to the right.

Wadsworth Moor. Head of the Catchwater Drain, which feeds Warley Moor reservoir, over two miles away. Water from a stream enters the drain near the small bridge in the distance. The wind farm on Ovenden Moor is just visible through the mist.

Wadsworth Moor. The path descends at Low Brown Knoll, accompanied most of the way by what appears to be a dry drainage channel on the right.

Wadsworth Moor. Low Brown Knoll Hollow, looking south-east, with the stone wall of The Park estate visible to the left.

Wadsworth Moor. Two further disused mine shafts, as seen from Low Brown Knoll Hollow.

Wadsworth Moor. Looking south-east at Back Clough by the walls of The Park. The upper reaches of the Luddenden valley are in the distance.

Sheep near Ferney Lee farm, with the Luddenden valley beyond.

Midgley Moor. Marker post at Crow Hill Nook, looking west.

Midgley Moor. A closer view of the post, showing its 'broad arrow' marking.

Midgley Moor. Paved path on the Calderdale Way, looking east towards Crow Hill.

Birthplace in 1776 of 'Doctor Foster who went Gloucester'. Following a fire, this old house at High Royd is suffering gentle but inexorable decay.

Mytholmroyd. New Road, looking north beneath the railway arches. The waters from Cragg Vale flow through the arch to the left and behind the tall houses.

The path leading to Stake Lane, south of Mytholmroyd, where the groove in the stones act as a memorial to the many who have walked it.

Looking towards Hebden Bridge from Stake Lane, above Mytholmroyd.

Sheep and trees. Looking north-east from Stake Lane (021249).

Stanhope, on New Lane, above Luddenden Foot.

Looking west from New Lane towards the houses on Steep Lane.

Hard lives, hard stone. Looking north-west from within the Steep Lane chapel cemetery.

The Steep Lane Baptist Chapel of 1874. As austere as its surroundings.