Friday Brown Videos

Here are three videos of performances by Friday Brown, two of which are rare TV survivors. Please note that some browsers may not display these videos.

Recorded on 4th April 1975, the 'Castle Concert' featured Friday along with her guests David McWilliams and the group Trinity.

1975 British Broadcasting Corporation / Friday Brown / David McWillaims / Trinity and rights holders

Next, we have a montage of images of Friday Brown, together with the emotional narrative of 'I Sing an Open Letter'.

2009 Ray White / Friday Brown and rights holders

Finally, Friday performs the popular number 'I Want to Make It With You', as shown on 'The Two Ronnies' series on 23rd September 1972.

1972 British Broadcasting Corporation / Friday Brown and rights holders

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Friday Brown and rights holders

Text by Ray White, 2015