The Cassette Archive

These recordings, some of which are incomplete, come from eleven cassettes, just some of the many acquired by Friday Brown during her singing days.

The collection, being undated, is no particular order, with some duplicated tracks omitted. It includes an advert 'jingle' for Monroe shock absorbers, several Christian songs, a couple of numbers for children, her song 'I Am the Sea', as performed at the 1978 Rostock International Song Festival, and 'Be with Me', which was released as a single in Bulgaria following her win at the Sopot International Song Festival in 1971. The songs 'Homeward Bound', 'Take my Hand' and 'Feel Like Making Love' were featured on the Charlie Chester radio show (the third song has a missing section). 'Take my Hand' was written by Richie Close and Friday Brown for a planned musical about apartheid.

'You Make Things Alright' was written in about 1984 by Colin Masson: Friday says that he was 'a little lad' at the time.

The sound quality of these recordings in variable and no attempt has been made at restoration.

101-01. Come Rain or Come Shine
(Mercer, Arlen)
101-02. I Am the Sea (Orchestral)
101-03. Leaving on a Jet Plane (Version 2)
101-04. Mrs Robinson
101-05. Macarthur Park (arr. Peter Knight)
102-06. You Make Things Alright
103-07. Turn Turn Turn
103-08. I Want to Know What Love Is
103-09. Black and White
103-10. Morningtown Ride
103-11. Bird on the Wire (Version 2)
103-12. Leaving on a Jet Plane (Version 3)
103-13. Scarborough Fair
103-14. Plaisir D'Amour (Version 2)
105-16. Be with Me
106-17. Oh Give me Faith +
106-18. Where you Lead +
106-19. Everything I Am +
106-20. Hand in Hand +
106-21. Where is my Lord +
107-23. Monroe Advertisement
108-24. Brother Man +
108-25. Flying Free +
108-26. The Spirit of the Lord
108-27. Love has many Meanings +
108-28. With the Wings of a Dove +
109-30. No-one in the World +
110-31. Happy Little Duck
110-32. Rats in the Town +
111-33. Homeward Bound
111-34. Take my Hand
111-35. Feel Like Makin' Love
111-36. Brother Where are You
(Oscar Brown Jnr)

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