The Lost Friday Brown Album

This 'concept album' by Friday Brown was never completed or released. All of the words and music were written by Friday Brown, the 'Gossip Song' having been originally created for two female voices.The sound quality is somewhat variable, the album as presented here having been compiled from 'rough' tracks and some studio quarter-inch tape 'masters' recorded at 15 IPS (inches per second), as well as copies at 712 IPS, the latter being used because of damage to some of the master recordings.

1. I Do Love You (A)
2. Today
3 Housework
4. Gossip Song
5. The Bathroom
6. Early Morning
7. Together
8. The Problem
9. Put Me Together
10. Simple Song / You and I
11. His Friends
12. Love Songs
13. Oh Woman
14. I Female
15. I'm Bored
16. The Anniversary
17. I Do Love You (B)

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