The Grundig Tapes Volume 2

Extracted from the very many reels of tapes that were recorded on the faithful Grundig tape recorder, this further collection includes early efforts at home, as well as radio recordings taken from 'Folk Club' and other shows featuring the Northern Dance Orchestra (NDO). The technical and performance quality is highly variable, but the range of music, influenced by 'black' culture, rock, folk, and emerging new musicians, including The Beatles, demonstrates the explosive creativity that epitomised the sixties.

1. Careless Love
(Trad, obscure)

2. All My Trials
(Trad, based on a Bahamian lullaby)

3. No-one Can Make My Sunshine Smile

4. Seven Golden Daffodils
(Lee Hays/Fran Moseley)

5. Blow the Wind Southerly
(Trad, Northumbrian)

6. 900 Miles
(Hedy West)

7. Wedding Day
(Roy Orbison/Joe Melson)

8. Seven Golden Daffodils
(Lee Hays/Fran Moseley)

9. Middle of Nowhere
(Buddy Kaye/Beatrice Verdi)

10. House of the Rising Sun
(Trad, obscure)

11. Can't Buy Me Love

12. Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair)
(Evelyn Danzig/Jack Segal)

13. Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair) [Folk Room]
(Evelyn Danzig/Jack Segal)

14. Donna Donna
(Shalom Secunda/Aaron Zeitlin)

15. 900 Miles [Folk Room]
(Hedy West)

16. Hallelujah, I Just Love Him So
(Ray Charles)

17. Blow the Wind Southerly
(Trad, Northumbrian)

18. The Girl From Ipanema
Antonio Carlos Jobim/Norman Gimbel

19. Love is Blue
(Andre Popp/Brian Blackburn)

20. Fool on the Hill

21. Hushabye Mountain
(Robert and Richard Sherman)

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