7. Inline Elements

Inline elements operate in the flow of text, rather than as a block. Some of these are known as inline-block elements, since they behave as blocks in that they can be resized, but still flow with the text. Shown here is a summary of common parent elements.

a abbr b bdi bdo br button cite code del dfn em i img ins kbd map mark meter picture progress q ruby samp script select small span strong sub sup textarea time u var wbr

As with block elements, you probably won’t use all of these in a simple page. In some instances you may use no more than a (anchor), br (line break), and img (image) elements.

Phrase Elements

The following elements describe a section of text or apply variations its presentation:

Of these span is unique, in it doesn’t convey any actual meaning. Like the div block element, it simply allows you to set an area whose styling is determined by a stylesheet. For this reason you should only use span if there’s no other suitable element available.

Interactive Elements

As with similar block elements, these allow the user to interact with a page:

Other Inline Elements