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East of Hebden

Higham and Dob Lane, west of Sowerby. This house has an attractive arched window.

Dated 1623, this house is on the right hand side of Higham and Dob Lane, west of Sowerby.

Higham, a laithe farmhouse of 1856, on Higham and Dob Lane, west of Sowerby

Sowerby. A house set back from the south side of Dob Lane.

Sowerby. A house dated 1662 on the north side of Town Gate.

Sowerby. An old barn in Queen Street.

Queen Street in Sowerby. A typical northern scene; washing blows in the breeze, with St Peter's church in the background

King Street in Sowerby. The structure of this house appears to have been modified over the years, whilst the road has risen.

Sowerby. St Peter's church viewed from the west.

Sowerby. St Peter's church, south side. An aircraft is flying above.

Sowerby. The Church Stile Inn, as seen from across the churchyard.

Sowerby. St Peter's church tower, viewed from the north side.

Sowerby. St Peter's church, viewed from the north.

Sowerby New Road, looking west. The area, although rural, contains numerous farms and houses.

Sowerby New Road, looking north-west along the valley, where railway and river run in close proximity.

Sowerby New Road, looking north-east towards Sowerby Bridge, with mill on the left, the dome of the old Town Hall in the centre and the mill chimney on Town Hall Street to the right.

Sowerby New Road, looking north to the back-to-backs on the opposite hill in the vicinity of Hollins Lane.

Sowerby Bridge. Town Hall Street, looking across the River Calder towards the old Town Hall building.

Sowerby Bridge. The Old Town Hall. The stonework is of a very high quality.

Sowerby Bridge. Old mill chimney on south side of Town Hall Street.

Sowerby Bridge. An old doorway on the north side of Wharf Street.

Sowerby Wharf. Sculpture of a man and boy operating a lock gate.

Sowerby Wharf. The lower lock gates

Sowerby Wharf. The upper lock gates.

Sowerby Wharf. Looking north across the basin at its western end.

Sowerby Wharf. Bronze plaque on the No 4 Warehouse, located towards the eastern end of the basin.

Sowerby Wharf. Innovative external lift on the No 4 Warehouse, cleverly linked to the original loading bay doorways.

Sowerby Wharf. View to the north across the basin from behind the No 4 Warehouse.

Sowerby Wharf. Modern windows on the east side of the Salt Warehouse.

Sowerby Wharf. Looking west through the arch in the Salt Warehouse.